7 Trends in Customer Communication

Take a look at our guide to the Future of Customer Communications

Where might Customer Communications Management fit into your company’s future strategy? We’ve put together our take on the Top 7 Trends in Customer Communication to help you find out.

Take a look at our guide to the Future of Customer Communications, exploring the 7 most critical trends for your future customer comms strategy.

Like most other aspects of modern business, the way in which we communicate with our customers is changing rapidly. The outdated concept of “the mailroom”, featuring wall to wall pigeon holes, tucked away in the basement, is quickly being consigned to the history books. The “digital mailroom” is the beating heart of any modern organisation; a conduit for the vast amounts of information circulating between you, your customer, and every individual within your enterprise. Now, much of the documentation being processed takes the form of ones and zeros, as opposed to paper and envelopes. For one thing, the modern mailroom is no longer hidden away in the basement. In fact, for an increasing majority of companies, it’s not even on the premises….it’s in the cloud.