DeCare Dental


DeCare Dental is Ireland’s only dedicated dental insurance company, operating in Ireland since 2004. They are a subsidiary of DeCare Dental LLC, a global benefits management group with over 40 years of proven success and more than 9 million customers worldwide. DeCare Dental LLC, is one of the largest health benefit companies in the United States and a brand that is recognised for innovation and service.

Prior to taking on the Mail Metrics solution, DeCare operated a costly and labour-intestive internal paper-based model. In 2018, DeCare joined forces with Mail Metrics and moved away from the internal paper based system to a hybrid model.

DeCare Dental

What we did

As with any insurance provider, DeCare's policy documents are at the heart of their customer communications. We conducted a full review of DeCare's suite of documents, aligned the look and feel where necessary and implemented a logic to ensure the right document to the right person at the right time. The biggest change for DeCare was a move towards digitial comms for their customer base. 8/10 customers now receive their documentation via a digital channel - a massive paradigm shift for DeCare's business and a big win for their cost efficiency goals.

  • Moved from 100% paper outbound customer communication to 81% digital, 19% paper within just four months

  • 50% reduction on like-for-like customer communication costs. ROI within 7 months.

  • Working together towards online claim submission and payment

Fully integrated outsourced mail room services

Can-do attitude

"Many companies offer digital comms, or post, but no company identified offers post, email, SMS & portal as 1 offering & their ‘can-do attitude’ was great….they assisted in internal promotion of the project.”

David Clarke - Senior IT Manager

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