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Tony Hickey, Head of IT & Operations at MIG - "At McCarthy Insurance Group we have offered our clients a professional, personal and local service since 1952. We are a family owned business with 14 local branches and over 200 staff, we understand the importance of giving a personal, reliable and friendly service and unmatched choice of insurance solutions to all of our clients.

In 2018, the Mail Metrics team made a presentation to McCarthy Insurance Group (MIG) on digitizing our mail and at the same time addressing GDPR concerns etc.

It was refreshing to find they know a lot about the business, the processes and the solutions. While every customer has variations, this did not stop us/them. With 14 branches we know we wanted to achieve the following –

  • More digital communications

  • Stronger GDPR compliance

  • Standardisation on how we process/communicate

  • Cost savings including stationery, postage and handling"

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Working Together

"We were worried about the IT change costs that might have to be incurred, but this turned out to be minimal as Mail Metrics provided the full solution. We just needed to develop a structure of electronically communicating the documents and lay out some rules as to how they should be handled.

The “can do” attitude of Mail Metrics and the ready availability of the staff made the whole process a pleasure and we have had many “eureka” moments along the way as we found solutions to what were perceived to be challenges.


Today 90% of our mail communication is via Mail Metrics, with 50% digital and 50% postal. We have set ourselves a target to move the digital to 70% in 2020 as this will leverage more cost savings.

Like most other business, we unexpectedly ended up all working from home due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Our timing was perfect, even those averse to change had to use Mail Metrics and now we find all staff have adopted the process, the sceptics singing its praises and a major manual process in our business removed."

Fully integrated outsourced mail room services

Capturing that final 10% of mail

"Our journey is continuing, looking for where we can make things better, converting more to digital and capturing that final 10% of mail into the process."

Tony Hickey - Head of IT & Operations

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