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The NTPF is an independent statutory body established by the Minister for Health. The National Centralised Validation Unit (NCVU) was established in the National Treatment Purchase Fund in September 2018. The purpose of the unit is to work in conjunction with hospitals to validate waiting lists using a streamlined and standardised process.

Checking the accuracy of waiting lists on an ongoing basis is an important part of waiting list management as it will improve patient waiting times by:

  • Identifying patients on waiting lists who are ready to proceed with Hospital Care

  • Reducing the number of patients who do not attend for their appointment

  • Allowing hospitals to better manage waiting lists by improving data accuracy

The NCVU needed a supplier partner that could work with them to develop from scratch the processes and systems to deliver on their commitments.

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Working Together

As the NCVU was a newly established unit, Mail Metrics worked with the NTPF to establish the operating model for how the unit would validate national waiting lists. We utilised our technology platform to facilitate maximum levels of automation throughout the process, and so designed and delivered a bespoke customer communication solution.


The NCVU and Mail Metrics successfully established a secure, compliant, and patient friendly validation process, including:

  • Delivery of initial set up / integration within 12 weeks.

  • Automation of the issuing of waiting list validation letters according to an agreed schedule and SLAs

  • Collection of all patient responses to validation letters, scan, OCR and capture the patient response within agreed SLAs

  • Automation of the issuing of reminder letters to patients who have yet to respond after a certain timeframe.

  • Provision of real-time visibility of management information, e.g. of the waiting list metrics for each hospital, via one secure online solution, Mail Metrics.

  • Implemented a bespoke reporting solution that gives the NTPF both high level and granular level reporting at the click of a mouse.

  • Significant reduction in time spent by NTPF staff ‘crunching’ numbers in excel spreadsheets and manually sorting data – All key data and numbers are available in Mail Metrics, meaning that the NTPF can focus on completing their overall mission – to validate, manage, and improve the national waiting lists.

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Future opportunities for innovation

"Working with Mail Metrics has enabled us to provide our patients with an efficient, streamlined validation process and by fully utilising the Mail Metrics system affords us opportunities for innovation in the future i.e. patient on line response option."

Alison Green - Director of Process Innovation

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