Part VII Brexit Transfer


Mail Metrics acquisition company Forth's client, an insurance organisation with significant European mainland interests needed to meet the communication obligations of Part VII of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 overseen by The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

On their behalf they issued relevant information in a specific time frame to let recipients assess any effects on them, to raise any objections or obtain clarifications ahead of their High Court Sanctions Hearing.


Working Together

Due to the nature of the project, our client had a number of requirements their chosen provider would need to meet, including;

  • Multiple varieties of notifications to policyholders and affected parties, with a range of support documents.

  • Translation of documents and web sites into 24 European languages.

  • Several hundreds of thousands of mailed notifications for delivery across the EEA and worldwide

  • A section of notifications issued by email

  • Mailout across 8 weeks with a number of sweep-up up mailings leading up to the high court hearing.

  • An online database of recipients with tools supporting multi-lingual response handling by the client and an external call handling partner.

  • Witness Statements evidencing satisfactory fulfilment of all responses

  • Receipt and recording of undelivered packs (goneaways)


We provided an end to end communication and response management solution encompassing:

  • Assisting with strategic planning

  • The execution of all communications and response handling procedures

  • Undertaking post completion and ‘top-up’ activities

  • Providing precise reconciliations across all channels

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